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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:42 pm    Post subject: Aquatic life lighting products Reply with quote

I'll start this review off with the statement that I'm a former dealer of aquatic life units.
with that, out of the box, I love 'em. the spectrum grew my corals like weeds and gave them excellent color.
however, as a private individual, I own 2 48", and 1 36" four bulb top of the line HO units with timers along with 18
two bulb HO standard units. with less than a year on any unit, now more than 50% of them are no longer funtioning
as they should.

early on, as a dealer, they had great support. problem, they simply shipped a new unit. problem solved.
as a dealer,, that changed as they got bigger. when it turned into a 4 to 8 week or never turnover with a customer.
they were dropped. I don't know about you, but my corals don't do well after a month or two without light.
I'm no longer that dealer. I don't do retail anymore. haven't for months.
I'm just an aquaculturist with a butt load of lights.

sorry to say, but even the 20+ coralife units I have are still lighting up.

as a review, I give an out of the box unit a 9+
overall I give it a 3 for long term usefulness and customer support.

Just my opinion, but save your money and research a better product.
Help your father, your brother, your daughter.
help America.
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