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Tunze 9010 DOC Skimmer/Octopus 110 Recirculating skimmer

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 10:31 pm    Post subject: Tunze 9010 DOC Skimmer/Octopus 110 Recirculating skimmer Reply with quote

This is really a review of the Tunze 9010 skimmer but I will include a brief blurb on the Octopus skimmer it is replacing.

I upgraded from a Octopus 110 recirculating skimmer because I was having problems reaching it's gate valve in my sump to make the fine adjustment to make the Octopus really perform at its best. If I weren't gimped up I am sure it would have been much easier to reach the valve and dial in the skimmer but still it didn't do a bad job other than being a little inconsistant as far as the density of the skimmate. The skimmer was quiet and pretty easy to work with once you got past the lousy instructions. It seems to be built very solid. The skimmer was rated up to 125 gallons but that might be pushing it a bit in a heavily stocked tank. I really have no complaints about the skimmer considering the price of around $200.00

I chose the Tunze 9010 as a replacement due to their small footprint and reputation as a set and forget unit. The only adjustment is for the air intake which is a thumb screw right at the base of the collection cup. Easy enough for a crippled fat man to adjust Laugh

The skimmer can be mounted in a sump or right in the display. It is rated for 264 gallons but the rating is rather deceptive. That is the rating if you want some soft corals and filter feeding inverts where having less than pristine water quality is actually desirable. If you want Soft corals and LPS the rating is dropped by 20% (210 gallons) If you want a lightly stocked SPS tank the rating is dropped 40% (160 gallons) and for a heavily stocked SPS tank decrease it 60% leaving it capable of handling slightly more than 100 gallons. Still not bad considering the small footprint of the skimmer (4.9"x4.4"x16.8" high) and the fact it only uses 21 watts of power.

There is a foam collection unit option that replaces the collection cup with a concentrator tower that will increase the capacity of the skimmer because it allows you to add more air to the foam. The only difference between the 9010 and 9015 skimmer is the size of the collection cup. The 9015 is rated for up to 396 gallons with the same percentage of reductions listed above for the 9010. The Foam Collection unit should push the capacity a bit beyond that level for either the 9010 or 9015 model.

The skimmer is pretty much ready to go right out of the box. For in sump use the bottom plate is slid off the skimmer and replaced with one that uses suction cups as feet to prevent noise. One small panel must be removed from the side to allow a standpipe to be installed to maintain the skimmer's water level but other than that you just sit the collection cup on top and plug it in.

Maintenance is a breeze. The collection cup and the reaction chamber are one peice. It slides down into the body that contains the pump and venturi where the foam is generated. It is sort of a variation of the AquaC EV series with the box where the foam is generated and directed up to the reaction chamber and on to the collection cup. Here is one slick design feature they added. To empty the skimmer cup you just lift it out with the unit running. Doing so causes the foaming water in the body to rise high enough that it is drawn into the air intake effectively flushing out the venturi system. When you clean the skimmer pump you are also cleaning the reaction chamber so it is pretty much a done deal except for the yearly pump cleaning recomended by Tunze. To remove the pump you just have to take off the stand pipe and pop out the side plate it fits into. Then slide off the bottom plate of the skimmer and the pump will lift out. Remove the air hose and clean the pump.

So how does it work.

The skimmer is fairly quiet. Perhaps a tich louder than the Octopus. Of course its only been running a week so time will tell. I pulled the Octopus and put the Tunze in a week ago. I started with the air screw out the recomended 3 turns and opened it another 2 turns over the next 3 days until it started producing. Here's what I got

With the unit still running, sorry the pic wasn't better

This was taken point blank with the flash. The spruge is that dark and nasty

All in all I must say I am pretty satisfied for 327 bucks.
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